More one (1) Coronavirus positive case identified in Chapai Nawabganj.

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More one (1) Coronavirus positive case identified in Chapai Nawabganj.

Total two (2) Coronavirus positive cases recorded in Chapai Nawabganj, Bangladesh including one (1) in the last 24hrs.

For the second times, more one new coronavirus infected case has been identified in Chapai Nawabganj in the last 24hrs. This infected people, named Mr. Rubel (35), son of Mr. Jobdul Kabiraj,  is a resident of Moharajpur – Kabirajpara area under the sadar upazilla Chapai Nawabganj. 

Dr. Zahid Nazrul Chowdhury – Civil Surgeon, Chapai Nawabganj, said the infected people came to Chapai Nawabganj from Narayanganj on 17, April 2020.

On his way, the police detained him at a police check post and kept him in PTI, Chapai Nawabganj. At that time, he was screened there and found no signs of coronavirus on his body, unfortunately, he was released on 19 April, 2020 at afternoon. It is reported that, he played football in his locality on 20 April, 2020. 

However, as he came from Narayanganj, the samples was collected and sent to the laboratory for testing of coronavirus. So that we could take necessary steps in this regards. 

On 21 April, 2020, the Civil Surgeon of Chapainawabganj, confirmed after receiving the report, coronavirus positives has been indenfied on his body.

He has been quarantined at his home with proper guidance and medicine and about 10 houses around the village, have been lockdowns.

Earlier, the first infected cases has been recorded in Chapainawabganj on . The name of this infected people is Mr. Abdul Bari (30), son of Saidur Rahman, village – Charmohanpur, Dakhinpara area, under the sadar Chapai Nawabganj Thana.

He also came to Chapainawabganj from Narayanganj on 15 April, 2020.

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