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International cooperation is the only way to vanquish the coronavirus and China will play its part by offering the benefits of its medical research to the rest of the world, Premier Li Keqiang said.

“We must come together in the international community in a sense of partnership to get all of us to prevail eventually over the virus,” Li said, noting that China was focusing on research and development [R&D] of vaccines, medicines and testing that are the solutions to exiting the pandemic.

“We believe the deliverables of the R&D will be public goods that should be shared,” he added at a press conference to mark the closing of the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress.

The issue of who will have access to any vaccine has become highly politicized after French manufacturer Sanofi suggested that it would prioritize the U.S. before backing down under pressure from French president Emmanuel Macron.  

Li warned that the global fight was far from over: “The virus is still spreading around the world and, as for COVID-19 in China, it has not come to a complete end yet.”

He insisted there would be no let up in efforts to eliminate the virus and that China would continue its policy of transparency and swift reactions to any outbreak.

With many questions from the media revolving around the economic recovery, Li’s message was that China will direct its efforts towards improving employment, quality of life and reducing poverty, rather than simply economic growth. 

Regarding some “new problems and challenges” which have emerged in China’s relations with the U.S., Li urged that business decisions be left “to the market and business leaders.”

Open markets were essential to every country’s development and only by ensuring global trade continues, even amid the current disruption, can the world recover from the economic damage of the pandemic, Li said.

Economies need open markets like people need air, in an enclosed space they will suffocate, he said.

To achieve “mutual benefit,” countries should come together to discuss any global rules they do not agree with, he added.

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