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The pass rate in SSC and equivalent examinations has increased compared to last year. The number of students getting GPA-5 has also increased this year as compared to last year. This year, the pass rate in SSS and equivalent examinations is 82.87% and 1 lakh 35 thousand 696 students got GPA-5.  

A copy of the results of this year’s SSC and equivalent examinations was handed over to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Ganobhaban on Sunday (May 31) at 10am. Later, the Minister of Education. Dipu Moni gave detailed information about the results through online briefing.

Analyzing the results, it is seen that this year the pass rate in SSC and equivalent examinations under 11 boards is 82.87%. Last year, the pass rate was 82.20%. In other words, the pass rate has increased a little bit this year as compared to last year.

Meanwhile, a total of 1 lakh 35 thousand 798 students got GPA-5 in 11 boards this time. Last year 1 lakh 5 thousand 594 people got GPA-5. In other words, more than 30,000 students got GPA-5 this year.

Separately, the pass rate in SSC examinations under 9 general education boards is 83.75% percent. The rate is 82.51% under the Madrasa Education Board and 72.70% for the SSC Vocational Examination under the Technical Education Board.

Rajshahi board griped the top position again:

This year Rajshahi Board has the highest pass rate of 90.37%. Among other boards, the pass rate in Dhaka Board is 82.34%, 82.73% in Dinajpur Board, 84.75% in Chittagong Board, 87.31% in Jessore Board, 79.70% in Barisal Board, 85.22% in Comilla Board, 78.79% in Sylhet board, and pass rate in Mymensingh board is 80.13%. Besides, the pass rate of 82.51% in Madrasa Board and 72.70% in Technical Board.

The published results show that this time 2 lakh 185 students from Rajshahi Board took part in SSC. Of these, 1 lakh 80 thousand 902 people have passed. The percentage is 90.37%.

Last year also Rajshahi Board of Education was the highest in the country in pass rate. However, last year the pass rate in this board was 91.64%, which is 1 percent more than this year.

As a result of SSC examinations of only 9 general education boards, the girls are ahead of the students than boys. This year, 7 lakh 90 thousand 335 boys have taken part in SSC examination in these 9 boards. Of these, 6 lakh 55 thousand 621 students have passed and the pass rate is 82.95%.

On the other hand, The number of girls who took part in SSC examination in 9 boards is 8 lakh 40 thousand 973 people. 76 lakh 10 thousand 597 people have passed. The pass rate is 84.50%.

Girls remain ahead than the boys in the pass rate for the fifth year.

Since 2016, girls have been ahead of boys in SSC and equivalent examinations. In that year, the pass rate of girls in SSC and equivalent examinations was 88.39%, while boys was 88.02%. The next year in 2017, the pass rate of boys was 79.93%, 80.78% of girls.

According to the data of 2018, the pass rate of boys was 76.71%, while the pass rate of girls was 78.85% and in 2019, the pass rate of boys was 81.13% as compared to the pass rate of 83.28% for girls.

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